Pacific World Trade, Inc.




PWT specializes in the manufacture and supply of automotive and industrial products and selected consumer products for the retail market.  It is our policy to review each inquiry to determine if a given product will conform to our total supply capabilities and if it can meet our high quality standards.  We serve original equipment manufacturers and large wholesale/retail distribution companies.  PWT also specializes in the distribution of high technology products for the radioactive waste treatment in the nuclear industry.



Import Services:


PWT is a full service supplier to U.S companies.  We create import programs to fit the needs of each customer which may include all or some of these services:

  • Product supply (manufacture in China)
  • Quality control and final inspection at the factory (China)
  • Logistics; China to USA
  • Warehousing/Packaging (USA)
  • JIT delivery
  • Export Management Services:
  • PWT as master distributor for sales in a given country
  • Distributor search on behalf of the customer
  • Logistics
  • Consulting Services:
  • QC and final inspection (China)
  • Market research
  • Business consulting/market entry strategy/problem solving