Pacific World Trade, Inc.


Customer Service

With over 25 years of doing business in China and with U.S OEM's, PWT knows the demands of customers and understands what is to be expected. With engineering expertise in China, PWT is capable of working at a technical level with customers to ensure that sourcing objectives are met.

We strive to:

  • Provide full service capability to our customers through prompt communication, engineering assistance, on-time delivery, U.S warehousing and inventory and competitive pricing. 
  • Maintain flexibility in the business, given the complexities of doing business in China.
  • Provide accurate and meaningful strategies to clients regarding sourcing and distribution in China.
  • Seek better, more efficient ways of doing business to improve the customer's competitive position.
  •   Anticipate changes in the global trade environment and change strategies to meet the customer's objectives.


We fully recognize the importance of "value added" in the supply or sales/distribution chain. Although PWT is a service provider, through our experience, we believe that our services result in a net cost reduction for our customers and this has been demonstrated over the last 25 years. PWT also values the global environment and we take very seriously efforts to secure and clean-up nuclear waste.

We expect to:

  •  Enhance the value of the business to benefit our customers and our shareholders.
  •  Demonstrate our value to nations and customers through efforts to solve serious environmental problems. 

Code of Conduct

PWT's basic guideline is honesty and integrity in all of our business activities.

PWT will:

  •  Establish and maintain the highest level of professional business practices throughout the world.
  • Exhibit high ethical standards in the conduct of our work, in our organization and to all of our customers.
  • Conduct all business activities in accordance to U.S laws and the laws and regulations of each country.