Pacific World Trade, Inc.


Pacific World Trade (PWT) was created as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company, Columbus, Indiana in March, 1986.  PWT's mission was two-fold: first, to find low cost, high quality component suppliers in China and to supply components to Cummins worldwide manufacturing locations; and second, to diversify the business and seek customers

outside of the Cummins network.  Our charter, over time, was to establish a self-sustaining, profitable business that could operate independently, outside of Cummins.  PWT's corporate headquarters relocated to Indianapolis from Columbus, Indiana in late 1986.


PWT established a wholly-owned marketing/purchasing office in Beijing in 1986 and became oneof the first U.S firms to seek component suppliers in the Chinese automotive industry.


IN 1987 the state government of Indiana hired PWT to represent its interest in China through it's Beijing office.  This relationship lasted for over 25 years.  PWT's primary role during that time for Indiana was foreign direct investment (Chinese investment in Indiana) , economic development and export promotion to the Chinese market.  Our Beijing office assisted Indiana companies with market research, trade questions and organized state trade missions to China.


PWT changed it's ownership structure in 1994 when Cummins sold 67% of its shares in PWT to outside investors.  Today PWT continues to be privately-owned with 11 shareholders.


Our long-term success in the China market is due to our experienced, highly professional staff based in Beijing and to our strategic partners/suppliers in China.


In light of the significant changes in global trade during the past 25 years, PWT has changed its business structure to adapt to the needs of its customers and to create a value-added service to attract and compete for new business.  When PWT was first created we called ourselves an import/export company or "trading company".  In our judgment those classification are now obsolete. We pride ourselves on being a full service supplier to our customers and consider ourselves to be a global supply and distribution company.


Through the years PWT has gained extensive knowledge in product sourcing,  logistics, distribution and environmental technologies.  We have distributed a variety of products and services to Asian, European and U.S markets and offer customers 25 years of practical experience in international markets.


In January, 2006, Pacific Nuclear Solutions (PNS) was created as a division of PWT.  PNS works worldwide to assist nuclear countries with waste treatment solutions for radioactive liquid waste and disposal.